Reviews and Endorsements!

I am so fortunate to have the support I do for this project, from fellow survivor sisters to a leading expert in the fight against cancer. Shout out to the incomparable Dr. Alice Randall, the amazing Cynthia D’Alba (a.k.a. Dr. Cynthia D. Morgan, EdD), and Dr. Lynn Matrisian for taking the time to read the uncorrected proof of Talking to My Tatas and providing such outstanding endorsements!

“Reading Talking to My Tatas is a little like discovering you have a wise and funny friend who is an expert on breasts and breast cancer and is willing to talk through your worries anytime of the night or day. This is the book I wish existed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Don’t send a casserole. Send Talking to My Tatas.”

Dr. Alice Randall, writer, survivor, and all around amazing human being!

—Alice Randall, professor and writer-in-residence, Department of African-American and Diaspora Studies, Vanderbilt University

Talking to My TaTas contains the factual information that all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients need, but presented in an easily understood, and sometimes humorous, style that will appeal to non-medical as well as medical breast cancer patients. Talking to My Tatas is a deep dive into the personal world and experiences of a breast cancer researcher and survivor who isn’t afraid to pull back the curtain on breast cancer reality. The author does a credible job debunking myths, falsehoods, and junk cancer therapies, leaving the authenticity only a person steeped in cancer research and cancer treatment can. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, I can recommend this book unreservedly.”

Cynthia D’Alba, author, survivor, and kick ass human!

—Cynthia D’Alba, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, breast cancer survivor, 2016 and 2021

“Informative, witty, and engaging, Dr. Brantley-Sieders effectively combines her scientific training and her personal experience to tell it like it is.”

Dr. Lynn Matrisian, Cancer Researcher and Mentor Extraordinare

—Lynn M. Matrisian, PhD, MBA, Chief Science Officer, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

These women represent my two worlds: survivor/advocate and scientist. Both of these worlds have shaped me and made me who I am, as have these incredible human beings who’ve their support to my work. I am forever grateful!

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