Update – AACR and Compusystems Makes it Right

Update on previous post: Hubby replied to Dave’s email. He’s awesome, is (once again) Captain of Team D Beats C, and I hope he writes about his experiences as a caregiver and spouse of someone living with cancer someday. I also called AACR and spoke to Josh, a very nice and caring human being who agreed that the response I first received was not appropriate or kind. He asked that I forward my correspondence to him so that he could look into it.

He also expressed heartfelt wishes for me as I deal with another round of breast cancer.

Later, I received a call from Sheraine, Customer Service Team Lead from Compusystems. She offered an apology and heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. She assured me that there are scripted responses that are available and appropriate for cases of illness and they would make sure those responses are used in the future.

A little kindness goes a long way. I’m pleased with the outcome.

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