Show off Your Bikini Clad Girls for the Cure!

Like a lot of women, I’ve struggled with body issues. Throw in conservative parents who wouldn’t let me buy a bikini as a teen, a patriarchal society that would LIKE me to wear a bikini so it can ogle or slut shame or fat shame me and then sell me products to literally diminish my mass, and a fashion industry that doesn’t always make cute options in normal people sizes, and whamo!

I didn’t wear a bikini for 45 years. That’s right. I wasted 45 years of my life being self-conscious and buying into that body-hating bullshit. It took breast cancer (and my wonderful husband) to break me out of that cycle and rock the two piece. I’ve had plenty of adorable one pieces and particularly enjoyed the low cut variety that showed off my ample bosom, but I’d never been brave enough for a bikini.

That changed in 2018 when, after my diagnosis and before my surgery, my husband took me shopping and convinced me to try on some bikini tops (we had fun trying them on in the dressing room, and may not be allowed back into that particular athletic store again), buy one, and wear it on vacation. He’s also encouraged me to show off my post surgery body and Tits 2.0 (as he affectionately calls them). And he’s right. Life is short. Buy the bikini, hold your head high when you show it off at the beach/lake/pool/backyard, and love your body in all of its lush, life-giving beauty.

Follow these folks!

Today, I’m rocking a bikini for another great reason. Bikinis for the Cure, a FANTASTIC group who “is all about developing local programs that teach life saving early detection skills!” They are looking for amazing women to rock their #Bikini tops & #Cleavage for their cause.

I’m down!

My Girls!!!! Photo and art credit SiederTree Studios.

Follow them on Twitter @BikinisForTheCure, look for my girls, and consider sending them a pic of yourself. They’re working to get on Rebel Wilson’s radar to help boost their platform. It’s empowering and super fun!

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